Cybersecurity is an increasingly important issue for every organization, especially those with large amounts of sensitive data. It doesn’t matter if you’re a government agency or a small business. If your organization’s data is targeted by hackers, it could be catastrophic for your organization, its employees, and customers alike. That’s […]

A staggering 5,25,820 counts of malware infections have been identified amongst the users of the four telecom operators in the country, according to the Horizon Scanning Report for Bangladesh Telecom Operators prepared by the cyber threat intelligence researchers of Bangladesh e-Government CIRT (Computer Incident Response Team). These counts of malware infections […]

When personal computers were new, having one in your home was a kind of hobby. Every user needed some serious technical expertise. System won’t start? Open the case, pull the expansion cards, polish their terminals with a pencil eraser, and reseat them. If that didn’t work, you could join your […]

Thanks to several rigorous security measures Apple integrates into its computers, Macs are generally considered among the safest systems. However, there’s always an opportunity for malware and malicious threat actors to gain access to your Mac. Relying on the built-in security features protecting your system may be all well and […]