Apple was the first computer company to make networked file sharing easy. Decades after introducing that feature on the Mac, it’s less important in an era of cloud storage. Unless you’re on a corporate network–and often even so–it’s easier to push files to a central repository by copying them to […]

Thanks to several rigorous security measures Apple integrates into its computers, Macs are generally considered among the safest systems. However, there’s always an opportunity for malware and malicious threat actors to gain access to your Mac. Relying on the built-in security features protecting your system may be all well and […]

A media access control (MAC) address is one of your computer’s unique identifiers. It allows you to see what devices connect to your computer, and also allows networks to see which computers are connected to their network. Should your device be stolen and recovered, a MAC address can be used […]

If you didn’t think anti-virus software was needed on your Mac, think again. Growing threats have made all computers susceptible to viruses and malware – including those with macOS. While Apple’s software has traditionally done a great job of protecting devices, adding another layer of defense is useful if only […]