How to Play Past Wordle Games in 3 Ways on Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone

Wordle M-A-N-I-A seems to be on a rising streak that shows no signs of slowing down. Everyone on social media is either talking about it or bragging about their latest scores. While it has amassed a huge base of daily challengers, word of the mouth and internet coverage are still introducing newbies to the Wordle universe.

If you are a Wordle newbie, the excitement of taking on the challenge should be at the highest point, and you probably just can’t get enough. But, as things are, there is only one challenge a day for you, and you have to wait until it resets with a fresh challenge the next day. If only you could play past games on Wordle… or can you?

Can you play past wordle games?

As a matter of fact, yes! Yes, you can play previous days’ Wordle challenges, just not the straight way though. Wordle is an online game that is accessible to anyone with the internet from any part of the world. As a web-based game, all you have to do is go to the host website to take the daily challenge.

Wordle game gives the visiting player 6 attempts to deduce a word that has been chosen as the ‘challenge’ of the day. All players on the same day get the same word and the cycle continues. Hence the fundamental rule of Wordle is designed around the ‘date’ of the challenge. For instance, the Wordle day of Jan 12, 2022, was “FAVOR”, for Jan 13th, 2022, it was “ABBEY.” Based on the period it was opened to the public for participation in mid-October 2021, Wordle has over released over 60 challenges to date. 

To play the previous challenges on Wordle, you have to travel back in time…though not literally. You just have to use a tiny hack to “cheat” the system into believing that you are playing on a date that has already passed. Of course, there are ways to make it happen, like changing the time on your mobile or PC, whichever is the device you use to play Wordle.

If you can’t bother with all the unnecessary trouble of adjusting device time, there is an even simpler method; that is, resorting to the Internet Archive which has a reserve of almost everything on the world wide web.

Method #01: How to Play Old Games using unofficial Wordle Archive

Although the creator hasn’t made an official archive for players to surf through, that hasn’t stopped passionate fans of the game like Devang Thakkar from creating an unofficial archive of the Wordle games themselves. Mr. Thakkar’s archive is entirely based on all the Wordle games starting from Day 1. That is well over 200 Wordles…and counting!

To make use of this awesome work, simply visit on the browser app like Chrome and Safari on your phone or PC. Once you do, you will see the home page of the archive with tips shown in a popup. 

Click X in the top right to close the popup.

You can now play the game of your choice by using the options at the top to find yourself any old game.

There are many reliable Wordle Archives that could help you retake or try an old challenge.

Likewise, there are many other archives on the internet that use random words instead of recreating the original Wordle word challenge. 

Method #02: How to Play Old Wordle Game using Wayback Machine

Go to Internet Archive from your browser.

In the search box under the title Wayback Machine, enter the Wordle direct link

It will take you to the Wayback Machine archive of the Wordle game page.

Select the year you want to access.

On the Calendars, you will see dates circled in colored highlights. Tap on any highlighted date to view the available blue “timestamp” links and tap again on the link.

From your PC on the browser, you can even play the oldest available Wordle from October 15, 2021.

On the mobile browser, you will be redirected to the second one in order (from November 16, 2021.)

You can also easily navigate between adjacent Wordles. Tap the arrows next to the Highlighted date to the previous or next archived Wordle. 

All the Wordles from December  29 to the present day are archived without any breaks in between. So, if you want to start a winning streak, it is a good way to start.

Method #03: How to play old Wordle games by changing system time

Wordle database has a repository of words from previous challenges and at least some of the stock words for upcoming days. You can use two tried-and-tested ways to play old Wordle games online. Yes, tried and tested, because, we have not only played old Wordles, but also a couple of ones that are set for the future. 

3.1 On Windows

On your Windows PC, press Windows key + i together to open Settings app. (Else, press the Windows key and click the Settings icon (a gear icon) at the left side of the popup.)

Click Time & Language.

Click on the toggle to turn off the Set Time Automatically setting.


Click on Change to adjust the date and time manually.

Change the date according to preference.

Open a browser app (like Chrome) and visit the Wordle website to play the game for the day you set as the date in your System settings above.

To play another old game, you will need to change the date in your PC again.

It is important to note that your system might not allow you to browse if you set the date into the past year. So, try sticking to dates from the current year, closer to the current month. We have tried random dates from this month including a few upcoming days and managed to play old and yet-to-release Wordle challenges. But, setting the clock date to October 2021 to catch up from the beginning might leave you stuck with a “Your Clock is Behind” message. 

3.2 On Mac

Go to Apple menu. Click System Preferences > Date & Time > click on the lock icon located to the bottom-left corner of the window.

Now, enter the Administrator password to unlock the options.

Uncheck Set date and time automatically.

Set the date according to preference in the text box above or on the calendar manually.

Now, open the Wordle page and you are ready to go another round.

Open a browser app (like Safari and Chrome) and visit the Wordle website to play the game for the day you set as the date in your System settings above.

To play another old game, you will need to change the date in your macOS settings again.

3.3 On Android

Go to Settings.

Tap Additional Settings.

Select Date & Time.

Tap the toggle against Use network-provided time to turn it off.

Tap on Date to change the date.

Tap OK to finish.

No, go to your browser and open the Wordle page.

Open a browser app (like Chrome) and visit the Wordle website to play the game for the day you set as the date in your System settings above.

To play another old game, you will need to change the date in your Android phone’s settings again.

3.4 On iPhone and iPad

Go to Settings. Tap General > Date & Time.

Tap on the toggle against Set Automatically.

Tap on the Date to adjust the date manually.

Set the date to one of preference.

Tap to go back.

Open a browser app (like Safari and Chrome) and visit the Wordle website to play the game for the day you set as the date in your System settings above.

To play another old game, you will need to change the date in your iPhone settings again.

For those who do not want to make any changes on their device, as well as play Wordles from last year, there is another direct shortcut to use. You can play most of the older Wordle challenges there. Yes, we’re talking about the Wayback Machine Internet Archive.

How long does a Wordle game last?

Wordle is a quirky word game is simple yet challenging. You have to work with 6 guesses, start with a random guess, make wrong letter choices, adjust letter positions and really use your brain to deduce the answer based on your choices and correct or wrong guesses. 

The duration of a challenge varies from player to player, but it typically takes just a few minutes for you to run out of available guesses. But, the game is fair, it doesn’t rush you to finish it in a go. You can take all day, literally 24 hours, to solve it as it only refreshes once daily. Without any time limit rushing, you can go at your pace and either solve it quickly or take it slow.

When does Wordle reset for a new game?

Wordle system assigns a word to a day. As a result, throughout the whole day, any player who goes to the website to play it will be doing a single quest- tackle the same word!

The time difference between different players is no barrier for Wordle as it resets every 24 hours based on the player’s local time.

When your system clock turns 12 AM, Wordle will give you the designated word of the day. A new word for each new day for everyone.

Can you get more than 6 tries in Wordle?

Like the one-a-day-once-a-day-one-for-all rule, 6 chances is an impeachable protocol. But, again there are hacks that allow you to go around the rules. 

  1. You can use different devices (mobile phone, PC, tablet, etc.)
  2. You can use different browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, etc.)
  3. You can log in with different browser profiles/accounts on the same browser.
  4. You can use the guest profile.
  5. Of course, the invincible incognito mode that can bypass almost anything.

More chances and shots at the older challenges are not-so-linear ways to have more fun in the Wordle world… because why not?

Erlando F Rasatro

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