How Are You Destroying Your Windows 11 Computer

Did you get a new computer and want it to last forever, or do you have an old one, and you want to make sure that you get the most out of it? There are a few things that you may be doing unknowingly that are destroying your Windows 11 computer. You could have made some tweaks in your settings, installed applications that you knew very little about, tweaked the Registry without knowing how, and many more. There is a list of things that can put your Windows PC at risk, and hence you should avoid them as much as you can.

How Are You Destroying Your Windows 11 Computer

Here is a list of things that many computer novices may be doing, putting your system in harm’s way.

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Registry Editing

Registry editing sometimes helps fix errors, disable certain settings, troubleshoot software, etc. Registry editing is usually the last resort to fixing things, but this is something novices should avoid. If you end up making an incorrect tweak, you may cause severe computer performance problems. Even Microsoft gives a warning about editing the Registry:

Destroying your Windows 11 Computer

Fix: If there is no way to avoid tweaking the Registry, I suggest creating a system restore point before editing. This will ensure that in case of any problems, you can revert to your system before you edit the Registry.

Destroying Your Windows 11 Computer Fix: Windows Updates

Any updates that Microsoft sends your way are for your system’s benefit. These updates add new features, solve previous bugs and help users get a better experience. However, if you disable these updates for some reason, you are once again damaging your computer.

Fix: Instead of disabling them, you should do the following:

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  1.  Open Windows Settings app using shortcut keys Win + I.
  2.  Click on Windows Updates.
    Destroying your Windows 11 Computer
  3.  Select Advanced options.
    Destroying your Windows 11 Computer
  4.  Turn off the toggle switch next to Get me up to date. This will ensure that automatic updates don’t happen while doing important work.
    Destroying your Windows 11 Computer
  5.  Go back to the Windows Update page.
  6.  If you see that any updates are available, schedule the update to happen at a time of your choosing.

The best thing about Windows 11 is that it estimates how long the update will take. So, if the time is longer than anticipated, you can update at a later time when your system is free. But ALWAYS UPDATE YOUR SYSTEM.

Destroying Your Windows 11 Computer Fix: Microsoft Defender Firewall

This program is designed to block any malware before it infects your system, and if you turned it off while you were setting up your system or at a later time, you are at the risk of attacks.

Fix: To turn the Firewall On, do the following:

Step-1: Open the Settings app using shortcut keys Win + I.

Step-2: Select Privacy & Security.

Windows Settings

Step-3: Select Windows Security.

Destroying your Windows 11 Computer

Step-4: Click on Firewall & network protection.

Destroying your Windows 11 Computer

Step-5: Click on Domain Network.

Firewall Settings

Step-6: Turn the toggle switch On Microsoft Defender Firewall.

Destroying your Windows 11 Computer

Step-7: Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the Private network and Public network as well.


Running Commands in Command Prompt or PowerShell has many very important uses. However, running random commands from unreliable resources can harm your system. If you ever come across a command that you have never used before, check other sources to verify what it does. Many commands can even erase your entire hard drive, disable network connection, etc.

Fix: Before running any command, you should verify it. Here is a list of commands from Microsoft, and it will help you see what each command does; if the command isn’t in the list, don’t use it.
OS Processes and Windows Files

Some Windows services and files are essential for the proper functioning of your system. If the file isn’t broken or corrupted or isn’t bothering you, it is best to leave it alone. Here is a list of Windows Files that you should stay away from if you don’t know what you are doing:

  1.  Program Files
  2.  Program Files (x86)
  3.  System32
  4.  Page File
  5.  System Volume Information
  6.  WinSxS
  7.  D3DSCache
  8.  RUXIM

Here is a list of processes that you should never disable:

  1.  ntoskrnl.exe (System)
  2.  winlogon.exe (Windows Logon Application)
  3.  wininit.exe (Windows Start-Up Application)
  4.  csrss.exe (Client Server Runtime Process)
  5.  smss.exe (Windows Session Manager)
  6.  Windows Shell Experience Host
  7.  explorer.exe (Windows Explorer)

Programs Installations

You should never install programs and applications that are not from verified sources. Even if your firewall may catch viruses and malware, there may be times that the firewall cannot block them successfully. So, authenticate websites and sources before you download anything from the internet.

I hope this helps you navigate how you use your system in the future and protects it from further harm. Let us know if you have any more suggestions in the comments below.

List of Things That You Are Doing That Is Destroying Your Windows 11 Computer

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