Ghana: 5 Ways Brands Can Leverage Digital Marketing to Generate Sales

Meta: How to use digital methods to enhance your brand visibility and sales. Why digital marketing is essential for businesses today and how you can tap into it for better conversions. Essential virtual strategies that businesses can deploy to boost sales

Over the past decade, the world has indeed transformed into a global village, thanks to heightened travel and telecommunications infrastructure.

According to World Bank’s statistics, there are more than 7 Billion internet users on the planet at the moment, and that number only continues to grow.

With this in mind, savvy businesses are always looking for ways to optimize this demographic to their business advantage.

One of the areas that have seen a tremendous shift is with regard to marketing methods and strategies.

Increased use of the internet by consumers has led to the growth of digital marketing methods and even digital marketing agencies that leverage consumer online presence to the hilt.

These online marketing methods come with a lowered expenditure compared to their traditional counterparts. They also deliver more measurable results at a more scalable and faster rate.

The following are some of the most effective online marketing methods that you can deploy to boost your business sales today.

B2B Cold calling

As far as business marketing strategies go, cold calling remains a classic. It is one of the traditional methods that has found its place even in the digital space.

Cold calling is where a brand reaches out to potential clients who may or may not know about their product and pitches the item to them.

Due to the unsolicited nature of the pitch, a badly done cold call can come across as invasive and unwelcome. Poorly done cold calls may be counterproductive and could result in your prospect relegating you to the blocked contacts list.

It is thus vital for businesses and salespeople to use the right tactics when doing their cold calls.

One of the best ways to go about it is by first connecting with your market. Highlight a problem they face and explain how your product resolves the issue.

If possible, include testimonials in your pitch. People are generally more trusting of products that have been peer-reviewed. Therefore, pointing out positive referrals and reviews is a sure boost to your pitch.

Another wonderful suggestion is to include some free trials and demos where possible. That is especially where you are introducing a completely novel product to the market.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a close cousin to cold calling, save that it involves solicitation via email and can be targeted at prospects who know of your product as well as those that don’t.

For new prospects, email marketing can be used to introduce yourself and your products with a view to get fresh clients.

For the existing clientele, this method is used to keep them posted on new products and product offerings. That can be done through the dispatch of informative newsletters via email.

For a successful email marketing campaign, businesses need to have credible email lists.

Luckily, there are professional email list builders who aid businesses with the generation of these lists.

Depending on the level of engagement and delegation you may wish to have with these professionals, they can also help you craft the relevant emails and keep track of the campaign.

3. Social media marketing

As the name suggests, social media marketing involves the promotion of a business and its products via social media.

Besides enabling you to reach your target market quickly, it also allows your brand to be easily discoverable by future clients.

With 4.48 billion people worldwide having social media accounts today, most social media platforms avail businesses of tons of avenues to reach their target markets at the click of a button.

Naturally, the first step toward launching a successful social media campaign is to know which media is most popular among your target demographic.

With their virtual location in mind, your brand can then establish its presence there by having a dedicated account with which your product information shall be disseminated.

Some of the most popular platforms here include Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest.

Social media campaigns can include a variety of methods, such as the use of paid social media advertising, responding to queries and comments on your posts, and building an online community around your brand.

Since there are plenty of ways to optimize social media, some businesses find it useful to hire a social media agency to handle their social media campaigns.

Content marketing

Content marketing may be done by your brand directly or through a digital marketing agency.