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Get Started With Basic Web Design
Web Design

Get Started With Basic Web Design

Web design is an art and a science. With the advent of web design, it has become easier to create websites. The demand for web designers has increased in recent years as well. If you are looking for an exciting career opportunity or want to start your own business, learning basic web design is a good option. In this article, we will discuss what is Web Design and its process step by step along with some basic training courses available online which will help you learn basic web designing in no time

What is Basic Web Design?

Web design is the process of creating a website. It’s a very broad topic, but it’s not just about making a pretty website. Web design combines many different skills, including:

  • Understanding how people interact with web pages.
  • Creating attractive layouts that use color, typography and images to draw attention to specific parts of your content.
  • Finding ways to make the site easy for visitors to read and navigate around in (for example by using lots of white space).

Web designers don’t just create one version of each page; they constantly update their sites as they learn from experience what works best for users’ needs – this means that even if you’re familiar with some aspects of web design today there’ll still be plenty more things for you to learn in future!

Basic Web Design Process

Designing a website is a complex process. A web design process is a set of steps that will help you achieve your goal in the best way possible. It includes research, planning, prototyping and testing. Web designers use this process to break down complex tasks into smaller pieces which can be more easily managed by team members or individual contributors.

Basic Web Design Training Course

You can learn the basics web design by taking a course, or you can read an online tutorial. But if you don’t have any experience with coding or designing, it might be better to take a course that teaches both at the same time.

In this course, we’ll teach you how to make websites using HTML5 and CSS3. You’ll learn how to set up your computer so it’s ready for web design; create basic text-based pages; add images and links; style text with font styles like bold or italic; use paragraph formatting options like indentation; add lists using bullet points or numbers; create tables for organizing data in columns and rows (like data about products); understand how margins affect spacing between elements on a page; use padding around elements inside containers such as divs (which stands for division).

What Do You Need To Learn Web Design?

To start learning basics web design, you’ll need the following:

  • A computer. Any modern machine will do; your average laptop or desktop should be fine. If you’re looking for an inexpensive option that provides good performance and battery life, try something like the Dell Inspiron 3153 (starting at $299). It has all of the basics in a small package a 14-inch display with HD resolution and Intel Celeron N4000 processor along with 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD storage combo and it comes with Windows 10 Home pre installed so there’s no need to worry about upgrading your OS later on when it comes time for updates (or if something goes wrong).
  • An internet connection in order to connect with other people around the world through social media sites like Facebook or blogs where people can post their thoughts about certain topics related to culture/society etcetera.

How To Get Started With Basic Web Design

Web design is a process of creating websites. The web designer uses a variety of tools and techniques to create layouts, graphics and color schemes that are pleasing to the eye while also meeting their client’s needs. The basic tools used in web design include:

  • A text editor such as Notepad or TextWrangler (Mac) or Notepad++ (Windows)
  • A browser such as Safari or Chrome
  • An FTP program like FileZilla or Cyberduck (Mac) or FileZilla (Windows). Once you’ve got these three things set up on your computer, it’s time for some hands-on learning!

Learn The Basics Of Web Design

You can learn the basics of web design by taking a course. There are many courses available online that will teach you how to create websites using HTML and CSS, as well as JavaScript. These courses will also teach you how to use tools like WordPress, which can help you create your own website without needing any coding experience at all!


If you’re looking for a way to get started with web design, there are plenty of options available. You can take a course, read books or articles on the subject and even find free online courses. The important thing is that you find something that works for you and your learning style so that it doesn’t feel like work!