Bang & Olufsen Beosystem 72-22 has an updated design & more

Bang & Olufsen’s got a great new turntable on its way to consumers and record collectors will certainly love it. Not only does it bridge the gap between classic record players but also adds a modern twist. Not only that, it even comes with a special gift! Read here to learn more.

While Bang & Olufsen doesn’t always get the attention its competitors receive, it certainly deserves to. Its products frequently shine in both high-end development and the way its products deliver amazing audio playback. For those who are fans, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a whole new sound system hitting the market that’s inspired by bridging the gap between 1972 and today’s 2022. Behold, the limited-edition Bang & Olufsen Beosystem 72-22. Let’s check it out!

The new Bang & Olufsen Beosystem is a gorgeous turntable

Uses a design based on the 1972 Beogram 4000c turntable

Back in 1972, Jacob Jensen created the original Beogram 4000 series turntables. It was a revolutionary device and easily a hit. Bang & Olufsen eventually continued to work with this design and forged the Beogram 4000c in 2020. Now, they’re going above and beyond to refine the classic design while also adding additional modern twists. It makes for a perfect blend between past and present that’s sure to last users for a very long time.

Features a beautiful, classy aesthetic and quality craftsmanship

Everything that goes into the new Bang & Olufsen Beosystem 72-22 is top-notch. It glows with beautiful craftsmanship and a classy aesthetic. Every material it uses is premium quality and is almost impossible to miss. For example, it has solid walnut along with handcrafted pearl-blasted titanium tone aluminum. The walnut presentation box provides an elegant way in which the device can be stored, should you need to.

Official promo for Bang & Olufsen’s Beosystem 72-22

Offers state-of-the-art features and is even dance-proof

Do you enjoy dancing while you listen to your records? Because the Bang & Olufsen Beosystem has you covered on this as well. This time, they’re adding leaf springs and shock absorbers. This is to keep the needle and arms-on track so that they don’t skip during music playback. There are also Beolab 18 stereo speakers, a Halo remote control, a Halo remote charging station, and a wireless connectivity hub.

Includes a special gift that’s will truly bring music to your ears

Behind on starting your record collection and looking to start once you get a new turntable? You’re in luck because the Bang & Olufsen Beosystem 72-22 has a special gift for its buyers. The company is hand-picking 4 classic albums, like David Bowie’s “The Rise” for example. It’s a great way to kick off your collection and to be able to test the Beosystem the moment you set it up. That’s a pretty cool bonus if you ask us.

Bang & Olufsen Beosystem 72-22 features an updated design and includes a special gift
Beosystem 72-22 delivers a phenomenal playback experience

You really can’t go wrong with a brand like Bang & Olufsen

The new Beosystem 72-22 isn’t something that the average listener is going to appreciate. If you’re not into records, expensive and shiny turntables just won’t make a whole lot of sense. However, record collectors and those who enjoy the hybridization of old and new technologies will really get the most out of a gadget like this. So, if you’re in the market for a new turntable system, you can’t go wrong with a brand like Bang & Olufsen.

The Bang & Olufsen Beosystem 72-22 turntable is available now to US and Canada but will be sold exclusively via Bang & Olufsen stores.

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B&O Beosystem 72-22 has a design based on the 1972 Beogram 4000c turntable

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